Brooches aka Pins

Garter Strap ,Pendant or Pin

$ 350.00

The mesh I use for these is manufactured by Whiting and Davis, who are famous for their evening bags made of this sensuous "fabric" to which they have exclusive rights. You can unfasten the semiprecious "button" and, one thing is certain... though whimsical, men find garter straps no laughing matter. Ultimately sexy and feminine. * There is also a single garter available... WITH or without pin back...which makes a perfect present for a special bride. (or a lingerie collector!) I'm offering this piece as an actual garter strap (but no guarantees as to the amount of pull it can take,'s better for the short-run, I imagine) It's very effective when pinned to the front of a knee length black straight skirt...about where a garter strap WOULD be! Or slip a pin/pendant adaptor over the pin and wear it on one of our chains, resting between the collarbones. 3"X1

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