Fables Couture

"Thimble Islands"

$ 2,595.00

This Fables Couture Necklace is laden with a variety of beautiful "antique" sterling thimbles with a single spectacular 14K gold thimble tucked off to the side front. I designed this with the thimbles spaced on 2 chains, so that you can hold each end of the necklace and toss them one over another so that the chains are virtually invisible when worn as a choker. (But you can also wear it long with chains showing for a whole new necklace! This piece has been sold at The Whitney Museum "Store Next Door" and was featured in the window there. The name? For a very special place in Connecticut. (and for the fact that the thimbles seem to be suspended on their own. 2 16" chains filled with 35 3/4"-1" thimbles. Large Heart Lobster Clasp.

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