The LOVE Collection

"a cup of kindness" Charm

$ 175.00

Out with the old, in with the new!  Sounds confidently simple, eh? I think of it as less of a declaration than something to which to aspire!

I love the whole concept of starting over, second chances and letting go of burdens we have carried intentionally or not. Perhaps one person's burden is another person's joy. We are all different, but we are all valuable in our unique way, with special strengths and gifts--we just don't always learn what they are for a while.

I, personally, believe that kindness counts. It takes so little for us to offer it up, and yet, it's it is a salve for the soul. This Sterling Silver Charm is designed to lift you and bring you you think deserves to have their "cup running over" with kindness and abundance. May it bring a smile to your face and the face of all you meet. Kindness is contagious.

Sterling Silver "a cup of kindness" Charm.  Approximately 1" x 1". Hand made in America. Hand signed and comes with a leather cord. Let's treat EVERY day like it's New Year's Day!  For Auld Lang Syne...


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