Spool of Thread (Phantom Thread) Earrings

$ 350.00


You don't have to be a costumer, fashion designer, seamstress or tailor to love these realistic looking Sterling Silver Spools of Thread EARRINGS, wrapped in luxurious Sterling Silver chain "thread", dangling by silver rimmed black onyx "buttons".  Wearing like pure objet d'art, these earrings have gentle movement as does a mobile. Sensuous, artful, finely detailed, timeless and designed to make you feel extraordinary. 

Sterling Silver Spool of Thread Clip Back Earrings with Sterling Silver Clips, wrapped in sparkling sterling silver chain, lifted by a single black onyx "button". Handmade in the USA and hand signed by me.

You never have to be "threadbare" again...

My own love of these everyday objects stems back to my love of the old wooden thread spools and the fact that I have been sewing since I was a little girl--in grade school, I made a pink cotton velveteen upholstered wing back chair for my Barbie Doll, with cardboard for the base and wing backs and medical cotton on a roll as the batting. 

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