Mod "Slick Chick" Necklace

$ 1,695.00

A sort of "Crazy 8 Ball" Sterling Silver collar of advice and observations, create a suggestive necklace... Fables Couture presents a true "throwback" to the 1960's! This whimsical and versatile engraved disc necklace quips:"Get Hep", Proceed with Caution", "Dead End", "Slick Chick", "Stop" and "Fragile" (Aren't we all?) in two fists full of Sterling Silver discs positioned onto 3 separate chains. Taking the ends and twirling the 3 chains,the discs appear to float without support, as they mask the chains and make a sensuous choker. Separate them and let the chains hang in tiers and you have an entirely new necklace!

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