Basket Weave Hat

$ 195.00

A Milliner's delight, this looks so fabulous on one of our short snake chains (as shown) or the black leather cord which accompanies it. Let US do the basket-weaving. You just relax and look good! 2-1/8" diameter. Snake Chain sold separately. I take my hat off to you! My Sterling SILVER Basket weave hat CHARM, that is... Sterling Silver Large Basket Weave Hat Charm comes with black leather cord. I am a hat collector and I love the mystery and drama they add to any outfit, or "get-up" as my dear friend and brilliant milliner, Kokin (check out would say! I think the kind of hat one wears defines her (or his) personality(ies) and if could design a jewelry box JUST for my Fables "hat collection", it would probably resemble one of the hat shops in Paris. This hat charm looks equally elegant when threaded with a gorgeous piece of wired ribbon, a yard of leather cord as it does on the Sterling Silver snake chain here, which is sold separately.

2-1/8" diameter approximately.  Snake Chain sold separately.

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