"Marilyn" Sterling Silver Mule

$ 85.00

Shoe Fetish and out of room? Size down to collecting this sterling slipper and its friends! Don't forget to check out "Sex in The City" with its assortment of 25 Sterling Silver high heels! This one is named for the woman who made this type of high heel the most famous--the "Mule"--Marilyn Monroe! The most feminine, sexiest slip on on earth! I have a mannequin in my living room with a red satin maribu mule dangling from the end of one foot. I used to wear it in a different life.

Approximately 1-1/2" x 1/2"  Sterling Silver "Marilyn" Mule Charm. Available in several finishes and as a groovy key ring--imagine it in Pink Gold Vermeil!

Handmade (and polished) in the USA. Hand signed .

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