"a cup of kindness"

$ 150.00

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!  For a VERY limited time, BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE and a 16" Sterling Silver Chain included for each!

Hey, kindness counts!  And it's far too important , no, essential to save only for that "Auld Lang Syne"moment--this piece can be a gentle daily reminder. A cup of kindness, lovingly engraved upon a sterling silver tea (or, for you Starbucks lovers) coffee cup!

You may wear it hanging from the black leather cord with which it arrives, from one of our sweet chains...or, dangling from a charm bracelet. However you choose to use it, please do so with my best wishes and may you always be surrounded by kindness! And may it emanate from you, as well!

Sterling Silver miniature tea or coffee cup engraved "a cup of kindness".

1- 1/8"x1/2". Made in America. Hand-Signed. Also available with no engraving, and in French, Italian, German and Russian! More to come!

Because kindness counts!

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