Whistle Stop (Sign) Earrings

$ 395.00

A Fables Classic, now returning! One of the first earrings I every designed, handmade Sterling Silver Whistles, dangling from Sterling Silver Stop Signs. I nicknamed  "Mugger" Earrings, because they are clip ons and you can easily whip them off and alert the authorities.

I remember wearing these into the "Muffin Korner" in Connecticut (Morning Glory Muffin) where I met my friend, Dorie Greenspan (if you don't know her cookbooks or follow her site or Twitter or Instagram, etc, do yourself a favor!) and I saw someone whispering and looking in my direction, so I laughed and said "It's okay! They are SUPPOSED to make you smile!" 

These earrings are for the fashion fearless, with a love for things  out of the ordinary and who wear their joie de vivre like a living, laughing banner. Fun and funky and people do a double take when they recognize what they actually are. To boot, they WORK!

Sterling Silver Whistle and Stop Sign Earrings. Handmade working whistles are approximately 1-3/4" x 7/8". Hexagonal Stop Sign Tops are approximately 1" x 1".  Handmade in the USA. Hand signed.

Designed to blow your mind.


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