"Mild Havana" Cigar Band Ring

$ 195.00

Another of my cigar bands rings, paying tribute to those hand-foiled and ornate paper cigar bands, which used to double as temporary engagement rings sometimes.  Also paying tribute to Havana, Cuba, which is the home of the worlds best cigars. The "Mild Havana" Cigar Band has such elegant detail that I felt it needed to be carved into this 3D treasure.

Mild Havana Cigar Band Ring in Sterling Silver. In a beautiful Vintage Finish Satin/Sandblasted and Oxidized. Top is 5/8" wide approximately. Hand rolled, er...made, in the USA. Hand-signed.

Disclaimer: This is not meant in any way to encourage smoking, but is a nod to the magnificent, intricate and historic artwork which comes from the design of antique Cigar Bands.

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