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Explore a store filled with romantic nostalgia inspired trinkets, as well as true statement pieces, both for men and women. All Fables in the Air Jewelry is made here in the good ole' USA and reflects designer Marti Heil's love of everything "girlie" along with her quirky and trompe l'oeil humor, that bring "stories" to life in the lasting form of sterling silver jewelry. While Fables Jewelry is tongue-in-"chic," there is also a timeless nod to a very a hip sensibility. Fables in the Air is a site like no other - designed to sweep you away from the woes of the day to a special place where you can reconnect with the captivating nostalgia akin to an old-time carnival at sunset in a land you can't quite identify, but want and need to explore. The entire collection is a tribute to the soft femininity which is woman's power.

Fables, now based in oh-so-fashionable Los Angeles was founded in New York City and is currently manufactured on both coasts. Marti started designing jewelry while pregnant with her first born (or would you rather say son?) Reeve. Under the tutelage and wings of Betsy Rogers of FIT Marti Heil's flair and natural instinct for design awarded her an introduction to the best caster in NYC, Joe Lpek. Marti would observe in the factory the skills and techniques used by the talented craftspeople and wax model workers. While still using the same artists and caster 27 years later, Fables in the Air continues to push the limits of what's possible and implement the art form of the lost wax method of casting today.

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