"Cameo Appearance" Cocktail Ring

$ 225.00

 I think Cameos are the "Poster Girls" for a good story, and, after all, this is FABLES!  Because I am always inspired by classic objects with a new twist and a sense of tongue in cheek, or "chic".I decided to carve this cameo in Sterling Silver and oxidize the details to make it look as if it was just discovered in an attic.  It is equally stunning on men, as well as women--and that is why it was chosen as one of the pieces for Showtime's Penny Dreadful store--because it was one of the pieces which inspired Dorian Gray's look on Reeve Carney.

PS. Did you know that the Cameo got its name from a Roman, Gemma Augustea CAMEO in 10AD, when her image was carved, in onyx, in two layers? (See? You didn't know fables was eduCAtional, did you?) Well, "fables", after all, are stories...:) PS Hope you like Marilyn Monroe's "Cameo Appearance"!

Sterling Silver Cameo Cocktail Ring. Approximately 1" x 1-3/8. Made in the USA. Handmade and hand signed.

Also available at  SHOWTIME'S "PENNY DREADFUL" Shop online  as part of 6 pieces which inspired Dorian Gray's "look"








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