Don't Worry, Be Happy Smile Ring

$ 150.00

Hey, this could quickly become the slogan for the current state of our beautiful planet--Meher Baba knew the secret to a life well-lived, pre-Serenity Prayer. Wear it proudly. Not JUST because it is Made in the USA, but because this ring is finely hand-crafted Sterling Silver and makes you feel doggone good!

Whatever takes you to your "happy place"--whether it's absorbing yourself in a good book, taking a long walk and meditating/praying, listening to great music, going to a sports event, catching up on Netflix, hanging out with people you love, volunteering in a hospital, creating art, fill in the ______--DO IT!

Allow yourself to get outside of your own head and think of others, and you will find yourself smiling more and worrying less.

Get ready for a lot of smiles in your direction when they see this ring.

Approximately 1" diameter adjustable Sterling Silver Don't Worry Be Happy Gumball Ring. Made in America. Hand signed.

Don't Worry. Be Happy.

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