Hotel Times Square Lucky Penny Ring

$ 225.00

"See a penny, pick it up--all the day you'll have good luck" And, in Sterling Silver, you've already increased the value of that penny, so your luck has multiplied, right?! Luck isn't just for the Irish anymore, "Sure and Begorra"! Time to take all the blessings we can get, eh? Sterling Silver Lucky Penny Ring is oxidized and finished in a Vintage Satin polish to transport you back in time. Whimsical, fashion jewelry with a story--this one is honoring a beautiful bygone hotel in New York City's beloved Time's Square. There is a postcard picture of the Hotel Time's Square shown here!

Sterling Silver Hotel Times Square Lucky Penny Ring.1-1/4" approximately. Proudly handmade in the USA. Hand signed.

PS Did you know that May 23 is National Lucky Penny Day?

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