Faux BuffaLO (Nickel Ring)

$ 195.00

Maybe it was all of those black and white cowboy and Indian movies from my youth, but I have always had an affinity for The Buffalo Nickel. It probably also helped to know that my ancestor was the first owner of the burial mound in Moundsville, West Virginia.

All I know if that my pulse used to race with fear at the thought of the Buffalo becoming extinct! So...it makes sense that I'd want to give that ole Buffalo a little recognition and a little more monetary worth and memorialize a playful version of him in Sterling Silver, right? Retro, whimsical, substantial and perfect for men or women. Did you know that the bison, Black Diamond, from Central Park Zoo was the model for the reverse side of the real Buffalo Nickel? And that it was designed by artist James Earle Fraser? AND...Instead of drawing from memory, Fraser used an assemblage of three chiefs, Iron Tail, Two Moons and Chief John Big Tree.

1" in diameter approximately. Made in the USA. Hand-signed.

Sterling Silver Faux Buffalo Nickel Ring. Nostalgic and worth more than a plug nickel!

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