Love Conquers All Gumball Ring

$ 195.00

In the words of the Latin poet, Virgil: Omnia vincit Amor; et nos cedamus Amori, or:Love conquers all and we must yield to Love. Well, love DOES conquer all, right? A gentle reminder in these challenging times--of what really matters, and and for what we ought to strive. There are even studies which say that love can conquer stress. Generously designed to make a statement and hand-oxidized. For men and women. Sized 5-10. If you need a unique size,please contact me.. Sterling Silver "Love Conquers All' Ring. Make your own belief statement or show your love to another...with this unique gift!

Approximately 1" in diameter.Made in the USA. Gift boxed, Hand Signed.

Sterling Silver "Love Conquers All" Gumball Ring.

Because it not only does, it must.

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