Silver Screen Film Strip Charm

$ 150.00

Pretty soon people will not recognize this object. Who would have guessed that a film strip would become virtually obsolete? Most of you who are shopping here would never have guessed that film like this used to be hand-loaded into a the DARK, or it would become exposed and unusable. (See, you didn't realize you'd be getting a lesson on vintage photography methods, did you? ) " Anyway, this is easily engraved --a veritable blank canvas! Very soon, I am going to have a special photo-engraved film strip you are going to LOVE! Shhh!

Sterling Silver Film "Frame" of Vintage Film Strip. Appoximately 1-1/2" x 1-1/2 Made in the USA. Hand-signed. Available in 6 finishes: Shiny, Matte, Oxidized, "Waterworld", Gold Vermeil, Pink Gold Vermeil

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