Victorian Sterling Silver Horse Shoe Charm

$ 95.00

A real "girlie" version of a "Good Luck" horse shoe with a timeless spin. (And a favorite of stylists)'' 1-3/8" by 1-1/4" My own particular fascination with horseshoes comes from my love of horses and having lived in Lexington, Kentucky in my youth--the home of countless horse farms and, of course, BLUE GRASS. Which brings me to one of my childhood friend's horse name, which was BLUE,(but actually looked gray to me) which I rode in West Virginia when I was in Junior High School. I spent many an early evening saying "Star light, star bright..." and wishing for my own pony/horse which never materialized. But I DID get to be fairly proficient at the game of horseshoes and as I write this, I can nearly hear the clank of the heavy, dented real horseshoe circling the metal stake in the ground. As far as the lucky part of horseshoes, there are two schools of thought--1)they are only lucky if you wear them upside down 2)the opposite--they need to be worn with the open side down so that it pours good fortune upon you. Personally, I like that theory, but mostly I like the shape and I would like to think that anything I design brings warmth and good feelings, though the luck part is pretty much for entertainment purposes only. It's really pretty much "horse play".

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