$ 175.00

Dearest Souls! I wish you more smiles than your heart and your face can ever imagine. I wish you the kind of smile which turns into spontaneous laughter, or, at the very least, is so contagious that you leave everyone you encounter with a broad grin themselves.

Sharing my favorite version of the song "Smile" with you all--this rendition is by Lyle Lovett and was for the film "Hope Floats".  It makes me smile through tears, as strange as that sounds.  Love with all your heart and open your heart to be loved and you will live a life of smiles.

Gentle reminder: So, it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown. No choice here! Besides, if you multiply all of the reactions to this happy little Sterling Silver Gumball Ring, you are saving your friends thousands of dollars in Botox! Fun and whimsical and happy. Also adjustable! Check out my other Gumball rings...and make a real statement.

Iconic Smiley Face as the most fun Sterling Silver Ring! Hand made in the USA. Hand signed.

I leave you with a smile!

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