Amusement Park Lucky Charm

$ 150.00

Remember those old machines at the amusement parks where you could get these in aluminum and engrave them with your boyfriend's name? Well, here's the "Sterling" version and you can take a trip down memory lane and have it engraved with a special message to someone meaningful to you. 1-1/4" diameter. Lucky Charm comes with black leather cord. Feeling LUCKY, or WANT to feel lucky? In these challenging economic times, the term "A wish and a prayer" take on more significance and I just love the optimism which accompanies all these whimsical vintage lucky charms and I gave them more precious by recreating them in a "precious" metal, Sterling Silver! Wear a collection of them, in various gritty finishes on various ribbons and leather cords and fabulous chains--for an opulent look of being "laden" with good fortune, but mostly, FUN! You will look like a walking amusement park or circus "carney".

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