Hand-Made 3mm Balinese Chain-Fables Chain Gang

$ 350.00
Hand-Made 3mm Balinese Chain-Fables Chain Gang

This chain says "special" from the moment you discover it is hand-made, hand-woven--in Bali. It is as exotic as its origin and, as you know, I like to tell a story with each of my pieces...this may be my ode to "Eat, Pray, Love", because there is breathtaking beauty, yet substance and depth to this extra long 40" chain. Wrap it around your neck several times and clasp, or wear it wonderfully long with one of my keys or charms or pendants dangling dramatically to below your waist. Or wear it across your body and attach with a fun pin. OR...layer chain upon chain of different styles and lengths for a totally opulent look. 40" Hand-made Box Chain from Bali--3mm square approximately.

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