The Swashbuckle Cuff

$ 395.00

Buckles. They are designed to connect and to release. I suppose that, in the 1960's, one could have accused buckles of being "uptight", Perhaps that is why hiphuggers were born? In the 1800's, buckles look belied their purpose--for they appeared to be ornamental, though practicality was at the core of their existence. Ying and Yang. This Buckle, however, is an example of whimsy for whimsy's sake--ornamental, and pure tromphe l'eoil, in typical fables style. Hugs and curves so perfectly that it confuses the eye into thinking it is silver engraved wrist tattoo... Fables Etched Buckle Up Cuff. For the Swashbuckler in us all. Made in the USA. Hand signed. Beautiful boxed and ready to give...or to keep. It's a cinch.

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