"Charming" Bubble Blower Wand and Charm

$ 195.00

People will not realize what this is at first, for this beautifully engraved wand truly is reminiscent of Calder when dangling from a cord or chain.. Perfect for a bridal or baby shower...or as a personal treat! Room to personalize the back. If you believe in fairies. (And who among us doesn't?) 3" x 1" Sterling Silver full scale bubble blower comes with 3 feet of black leather cord and has a beautifully etched wand (not to be confused with the kind of wand the Fairy Godmother used on "Cinderelly"...) which makes it an heirloom in the making, as well as a breathtaking large-scale fashion statement of a charm! And, if you are getting married and looking for some very special thank you gifts for your bridesmaids--these, unlike those dresses...will be worn again and again.

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