1946 Empire State Building Sterling Silver "Lucky Penny" Charm

$ 175.00

Who knows that this "Lucky Penny" didn't have something to do with the end of WWII? (Okay, technically, it was already over by 1946, but I don't have to be a jewelry designer AND a historian, do I?) A replica of a souvenir from this mere "baby" of a building, The Empire State Building--fifteen years old at the time and the worlds' tallest skyscraper! And a personal favorite of mine! 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" Sterling Silver 1946 Lucky Penny Charm comes with black leather cord. Vintage Finished with rich oxidization and a well-intentioned promise to "Keep Me and Never Go Broke", which I would say is technically true, since this is Sterling Silver and retains value. Good Luck wishes, as well. And wishes from me for all that is good and joyous for all of you!

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