The Eye of the Needle Threader Earrings

$ 250.00

Everything but the needle here! Silver "thread" and an onyx "button", these earrings are light enough to be made for pierced ears, but if you haven't tried my sterling silver clips, you might want to anyway! I'm absolutely in love with the design and brilliance of the needle threader, am fascinated with the fact that they put embossed heads of Queen Victoria  on them! I just  had to bring them to life in  Sterling Silver, to immortalize them!  Needle Threader Earrings with Sterling Silver Wire and Chain "Thread" dangling beneath a  Genuine Onyx "button". As you know, everything I do has a "story", but I hope some of my stories evoke memories of your own! Am I crazy to think these are kind of sexy?

Sterling Silver Needle Threader Earrings With Genuine Onyx "Button" and Sterling Silver "Thread" 2" x 5/8" Handmade in the USA. Hand Signed.

FYI: A needle threader is a small sewing tool that often consists of a round metal piece to which a diamond-shaped wire is attached. Many needle threaders are made from thin metal, such as tin, and are stamped with the shape of the queen's head. This design dates to the Victorian era.It is unclear when the first needle threaders came to be, but the design with the queen's head became popular during the Victorian era. Made from tin, Victorian era needle threaders were inexpensive to make and easy to use. A number of needle threading devices were patented in the United States in the early 1900s, including Herman Trzeciak's model patented in 1924 and Carl J. Schuster's design in 1945. The first automatic needle threader incorporated into a sewing machine was designed by Juki in 1978.

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