8 Leaf Clover Baby Slide

$ 60.00

This curvy little oxidized piece is one of my 4 "baby slides" and is dotted by two beautiful perfect tiny flowers. Slip in several strands of suede cord or one of your own collection of velvet, grosgrain, whatever 5/8" ribbons, or even several choker length chains at one time and you have a variety of looks, each uniquely feminine. I made these very affordable, so that you can have a couture look by collecting the four and slipping them, one by one, side by side, (and perhaps mix the finishes!) onto your choker of preference. You could also string them, singly or together, on a bracelet. Mix and match and send me pics to post, if you come up with something uniquely your own!

1-3/4" x 1-1/8" approximately. Hand made in the USA. Hand signed.

Sterling Silver 8 Leaf Clover Baby Slide.