Brush Roller Hair Clip

$ 195.00

Trompe l'oeil strikes again! Is she actually wearing a CURLER in public? Now brush rollers become outerwear, with this fabulously realistic Sterling Silver hair clip! Here at Fables in the Air, we turn "women's drudgery" into fashion statements! Check out our Brush Roller Pin and Bolo as well...

This hair clip could be the banner child for the Fables notion that fashion should be "Tongue-in-CHIC"! The possibilities are endless! Twist your hair in back and fasten with this and make a daring statement!

Sterling Silver Life Size Brush Roller aka Hair Curler as a most whimsical Hair Clip. Available in Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver with Yellow or Pink Gold Vermeil.

Approximately 2-5/8" x 3/4" Hand Made in the USA. Hand Signed.

You're all SET!

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