Dragon Orb

$ 150.00

Ahhh, I see, in my plexiglass ball...hmmm...that if you add a long chain and thread it through this little guy, it will be crystal clear that you have style! (For entertainment purposes only!) Dragon-5/8". Orb-1-3/8". Crystal Ball with Sterling Silver dragon sitting on top of the world! Fables faux "Mystical Jewelry". If you are looking for a fun way to have a crystal ball... Plexiglass "crystal" Ball suspended by a Sterling Silver Dragon. Hand Made in America. Hand Signed. Comes with long leather cord or Vintage looking ribbon. Check out my chains in the "Collarbone Adornments...Necklaces" section here on the site. My chains are designed to be worn a variety of ways and stand on their own as necklaces. Usually 5 or 6 feet long, they can be wrapped round and round and charms can dangle from within as if on a canvas.

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