The Lost Heirloom Band

$ 195.00

The Lost Heirloom Band. Beneath a wool blanket and a pair of leather gloves, in the bottom of a cedar chest. Or, maybe on top of a ledge, by a pipe inside The attic closet... You didn't realize it been lost until it caught your eye and you couldn't imagine a time without it glistening, living on your hand. Each fable becomes your personal story and , I'm hopeful, your future heirloom. The Lost Heirloom Band has a special history of recovery and discovery. This makes a beautiful wedding band, with its intricately engraved and aged with a matte finish and oxidization.

Sterling Silver The Lost Heirloom Band. Approximately 7/8" from top to bottom (so measure the finger you are eyeing for this, before ordering) and is equally beautiful in Gold or Pink Gold Vermeil with oxidization. This finely made, thoughtfully detailed Sterling Silver wide band has the illusion of being 6 antique stacked bands. Made in the USA. Hand-Signed.

Once you wear it, it takes on your own "fable".

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